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‘The Moths Are Real’ 2013, Stolen Recordings




Cheap Demo Bad Science 2006 originally released on Static Caravan
Change Is Good Change Is Good, 2010, Originally released on Static Caravan
Moth Club Boiler Woes, 2013, BONUS EP made for Rough Trade Album Of The Month and Album Club

composition for film/theatre

Track ‘Cheap Demo Bad Science’ used as end credits theme music

“Caleb” by Amanda Mesaikos & Susanne Aichele – DUST Premiere from DUST on Vimeo.


Latest remix! For one of Rachel’s (who plays drums in Bas Jan) other numerous other projects– BAMBOO (upset the rhythm)

Track 11 ‘Fun Destruction’ (by Teleman) Deconstruction Mix by Bas Jan (Serafina Steer) —