Harpe Diem

Very proud to have been included in this wonderful harp themed episode of Freakzone- listen here

album updates

Interview with lovely people at beatstothebar.com Read their review here LISTEN TO ‘THE MIND IS A TRAP’ on london in stereo’s ‘Tracks Of The Week’ playlist


++++TAPES WILL BE AVAILABLE TO BUY AT SPecial launch price of £8++++ BUY ADVANCE TICKETS Tickets are a little on steeper side but everyone needs to get paid and that’s the way it worked out!  No one is taking home pots of money! However, if you need a...

ALBUM INCOMING ‘The Mind Is A Trap’ >>

I am releasing an album of solo material at the end of September that I have been tinkering away with. It’s been very amazingly mixed by Amir Shoat and I’m proud of it. You can watch video for the first single ‘Provides Common Ground’ by Oliver...

Provides Common Ground on NTS

Much gratitude for to producer Keel Her for including ‘Provides Common Ground on her latest show — LISTEN HERE  https://www.nts.live/shows/keel-her/episodes/keel-her-10th-september-2019