THIS THURSDAY, club odessa Dublin, Ireland

Unfortunately Adrian is not performing but has asked myself and Pumajaw over for this gig at Club Odessa. It says jazz, electronic and experimental music? I don’t qualify but if you’re about please do come ear and eye ball us.

20th Sept 2013 INCUBATE festival

Mmy fingers straight in your ears got that? If you’re lucky enough to be free and near the Incubate festival in Holland please come and see me. The programme line up looks very amazing & I am very much looking forward to taking part.

Friday 2nd August ’13 – The Roundhouse/Conrad Shawcross

LATE NOTICE  The roundhouse THIS Friday.  I’ll be playing some songs on my own before the big collaborative extravaganza performance (to including Simon Fisher Turner amongst others!)


****Contrary to what I have been saying and putting all over the internet, this is not a pay what you can event. I don’t know where I got that from. It’s £10 adv/£12.50 on the door. Confusion****


Hello! I am a bit behind the times with posting this as it came out last week but I was distracted by my other hobby of visiting every motorway service station in the country (I nearly have a fullhouse) and playing at Cloudspotting and Secret Garden Party festivals.

So click here !!!!!!♘♧, and watch the new video for Lady Fortune by mmmmm films on AnOther Magazine’s website. (Luna, Gines and Adrian are mmmmm films- look you can see how lovely they are, on the right in this photo). Thank you to them and AnOther Magazine for their support.


Friday 5th July – supporting the prodigiously charismatic Chilly Gonzales and chamber orchestra at the Salle Pleyel. Unfortunately, I think tickets might be hard to to come by now.


Going into Benge’s studio today ( I have pinched this photo from The Quietus website SORRY) to record the sound track to Sam Steer (relation)’s new sci animation for Channel 4.





For the release of next single ‘Lady Fortune’ from The Moths Are Real’ I made a video with mmmmm. Mmmmm films are the result of an ongoing collaboration between Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro and documentary film maker Gines Olivares. This should be coming out on Monday WRONG wrong. I had written July 8th that was totally wrong. It’s more like I don’t know when it’s coming out. video imminent