I’m playing in JARV which is Jarvis Cocker’s new project and there are four of us including Jarvis in JARV. Fellow BAS JANner Emma Smith (violin/guitar), Adam Betts (Drums), Andrew Mckinney (Bass/minotour) and myself on electric harp(!) and keyboards. We had our first UK show last night in Brighton and I think it was a HIT. These venues are really small, which is nice for us to try out new things but not many people could get tickets. There will be more in the future-fingers crossed.
Extext (the improvised mini dramas project) with Catherine Carter heads on a pace. We had our best ever gig at Linear Obsessions in the Lewisham Arts Cafe on Sunday. Unfortunately my zoom recorder didn’t work. Thanks to Sonic Imperfections for having us play at their Telegraph Hill Music Festival last Thursday as well.
Bas Jan are recording an EP this week at Kluster Rooms.
The latest Synergie Split Single Series is our most successful yet- Rhodri Davies and Dane Law’s AUR is going to get played on BBC Late Junction in April.