Hello 2017,

So last year I was working with Sarah Anderson and Jenny Moore on a band called Bas Jan. We recorded most of an album and then got into all kinds of trials and tribulations too lengthy to take up your power source with here. Then for various positive reasons Sarah and then Jenny felt they had to leave the band. However, we have made some things that we are very proud of during our time together. So you may still be a Bas Jan Fan!–

We have finished a 5 track EP with Leafcutter John and Leo Abrahams which I will ceremoniously upload to band camp at the beginning of February.

We made a video for one of the songs ‘King of the Holloway Road’ with Casey Raymond and Ewan Jones Morris in the Bedwyr Williams exhibition at the Barbican . This will be online very soon. Emma Smith also features in this video as she played the bass on this track. This song is in memory of Vincent Sipprell by the way.

Jenny has made an excellent video for ‘No sign’. and we have one more to follow for the song ‘Anglo Saxon Burial Ground’.

Bas Jan 2 (with Emma Smith and Rachel Horwood) played at the Islington Assembly Halls at the end of December supporting Cate Le Bon. It is very different but I really loved it and I hope it will continue. It might seem a bit odd to change at this point. It’s hard to keep people together with no money and no hope of money really. And lets be honest- aren’t times weird anyway?  I am very grateful to the awesomeness of my dear friends Jenny and Sarah and our time musicking together and also look forward to the future with Bas Jan 2 and maybe 3 and 4 . . .

Bas Jan 2 will play a London show in early Feb.