So we played Shacklewell Arms with Puma Rosa and A Dead Forest Index. The great and the good were there and we all sweated it out together. From here on in we have decided to call the band(me, Sarah Anderson and Jenny Moore) BAS JAN instead of SERAFINA STEER – for the sake of clarity.BAS JAN played at How The Light Gets In Festival in Hay-On-Wye and had a great time despite sound ‘issues’. Still we could have had no finer consolation than Helen Lederer saying how we’ve all been there, in the bar afterwards. Including Michael Crick who wasn’t so sure if he had been there since it was his birthday and he had enjoyed a few glasses of white wine. And anyway, that made it all seem much more desirable and rite of passage.We have not been able to get a gig at Supernormal despite someone in the band actually knowing someone who works there and us asking directly which I guess is how all bands get to play at festivals rightI have done a classical harp recital for the first time in ages, at Chiswick House. Which is where the Duchess of Devonshire, who played the harp a bit , lived , a bit . Now that I have done all this practice, I am arranging some more recitals to raise funds for Nepal. One will be at a round tower church in Suffolk in July with my friend Catherine Carter. So that’s it. BAS JAN (i feel the capitals are necessary) pretty much have an album ready and we are going to go in the studio over summer. Then I think I will go walkabout.