Saturday, December 13
at 7:00pm
Next Week

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33 Chatsworth Rd
33 Chatsworth Rd, E5 0LH London, United Kingdom

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SEAMUS FOGARTY (Lost Map Records) presents HOT CHESTNUTS, saying as he does so the following words…

“The inaugural Hot Chestnuts Christmas Jamboree featuring a selection of acts whom I’ve been lucky to hear and perform with over the years.”

“I first encountered Player Piano in the small hours of the morning in a town hall in East Fife in 2009 where I drunkenly insisted he stop playing the piano and let me sing a song, at which point everyone left. He was amazing then and is still amazing now.”

“I’ve known Serafina Steer since I moved to London back in the 70s. Every one of her albums is a uniquely beautiful thing and having shared a few festival bills over the years, I can say her live show is similarly so, oh yes…”

“For my own set, Emma Smith will be joining in on Jaw Harp and Aram Zarakian will be getting his bongos out. These guys are amazing and there’s even been talk of some rehearsals so it could be spectacular, a real hot chestnut”

“If this event had been on last year it would definitely have sold out so be sure and grab your tickets quick to avoid disappointment…also tickets are limited to 50…”


Seamus Fogarty grew up in Co Mayo in the west of Ireland and spent his early years writing songs about mountains that steal t-shirts, women who look like dinosaurs and various other unfortunate incidents. Based in London, his debut album God Damn You Mountain was released by Scottish indie label Fence Records on 2012. Hailed by the Irish Times as ‘one of the best Irish albums of recent years’, it was critically acclaimed on its release, leading to a slot on the main stage of The Green Man festival in Wales and extensive UK tours with the likes of James Yorkston, Pictish Trail and Malcolm Middleton (Arab Strap). Selling out its initial run of 100,000 albums, God Damn You Mountain was given the deluxe treatment earlier this year by new label Lost Map Records where it is available to buy for yourself, or as a great Christmas present for a loved one.

Player Piano:
“Player Piano is the musical vessel of Jeremy Radway, a refugee from the Midwest of America. He brings merriment and cheer in the form of songs about Entropy, Love and the End of the World from his forthcoming LP Radio Love out on State51 records in Feb 2015.”

Serafina Steer: