I deactivated my account a few months ago, after having been on facebook for some years. I do miss the hearing about some things and the peculiar posts from far flung corners of the internet. I think it’s probably the stupidist time I could have picked to cut myself off from like everyone. But I think FB is not very good for people or some people. Me in particular. I’m going to say it! I think it encourages paranoia. I was thinking in status updates, spying, being tagged, untagging your self, self promotion masquerading as friendship, being a market research lemming (possibly untrue) etc., However, now that I have quit, I do see why it’s useful. I mean I am not saying everyone should quit it, just something of an explanation for me personally. I worried it seemed unfriendly but that’s not my motivation.  There must be better ways to communicate (?) there must be, or anyway, we( I ) should find them.