So Utrophia’s  10 year anniversary weekend was a big success. It takes a lot of chutzpah to keep such a ricketty grand show on the road for so long. I felt quite emotions looking at the random photo timeline of the last ten years of Utrophia events. Saturday night aboard the Minesweeper.   Both of these places offer lots of opportunities to visual and sound artists, it’s really worth keeping an eye on their websites. This photo was taken by Emma Davis D who sang with Mouth 4 Rusty who finished the evenings music (as far as I was concerned because that is when I left but I had some idea that another person turned up) with English Cohen-esqeness. I don’t know what that would be actually; no sex Cohen. Doesn’t sound so good. I’m no journo, luckily. It was beautiful set. And Hamilton Yarns – if we allowed to have favourites. Counting out good friends and siblings, I pick Hamilton Yarns. Plus you could make your own screen print t-shirts with expert help from these guys .