This event will take place on January 13th 2012 at the Hackney Picture House as part of London Short Film Festival.

The selection includes three films by S.& S.Steer with live harp and post-psychedelic harp soundtracks.

And number unseen and extraordinary new short films. Including a film by cult puppeteers, The Theatre Of Little Dolls and Susanne Aichele- ‘The Holy Dress ‘

The latest opus of this brother and sister team ‘Postman’s Familiar; A Rabbit’s Revenge’ was commissioned by Branchage Film Festival, Jersey, in 2011 with generous support from the PRS Foundation.

It will be shown in London for the first time at London Short Film Festival. This stop-motion animation is a response to Kenneth Anger’s ‘Rabbit’s Moon’ 1950, which will also be screened, hopefully.