Dublin ABSOLUT Fringe Festival
The Workman’s Club
Dublin Ireland.


When not performing with the likes of Patrick Wolf, Serafina Steer writes ethereal and intimate songs or performance with a harp. Her recent album, ‘change is good, change is good’, prompted Jarvis Cocker to proclaim it one of his favourites of 2010.

Katie Kim’s ambient folk/pop has garnered favourable comparisons to Cat Power and Joanna Newsom. The music revolves and swims around layers of fuzzy drips and murky clouds, always seeming to come to an elegant conclusion.
Experiencing the music of Lispector is like unlocking a treasure trove of minimalist, Daniel Johnson-esque lo-fi pop masterpieces, each song an entry point into a world of private pleasures. In their own unique way, each artist shares an uncanny knack for bringing you to Arcadian corners of the imagination.
Show ’til 11pm.

As part of ‘Switched On’, a series of music events specially curated by Darren McCreesh.