31st August Bas Jan gig £3

here are the details.on facebook.

sorry internet I forgot you are not just facebook. I will update this website soon.

We are playing at End Of The Road at 1.30 on Saturday- tipi stage.

And at the Serpentine 23rd September (in costume in the summer pavillion!)


Likely Stories

GetFileAttachment Bas Jan have done something! We are HEAVILY featured on this soundtrack EP by Jarvis Cocker for this 4 part series TV series (Sky Arts) of Neil Gaiman stories. Directed by the awesome Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard. I am going to hashtag this. #‎likelystories‬ . It’s out TODAY on Rough Trade ‪#‎roughtrade‬


I did my first remix for a band called Dog Chocolate (you can find out about them here )

Emotionall Buff – Bas Jan House remix listen here. In very good company/ Various .